Newsletter - November 2018

9 Nov 2018
Effort of the families in the rental of house in Lisbon and Porto shoots

The burden of providing or renting a house should not exceed 30%, or a maximum of one third of the gross disposable income.
It is the experts who advise not to exceed this percentage, so as not to compromise the family budget and, possibly, to have implications for the payment of the monthly income or the benefit to the bank.
For example, for a family whose income is 2,500 euros per month, the rent / housing allowance should not exceed € 875 per month, acting with the necessary prudence and in order not to jeopardize any shortcomings on your payment.
These situations are more worrying in the cities of Porto and Lisbon, where rents prices have skyrocketed, currently showing very high average values, which in turn lead to more effort on the part of the families.
On average in Porto, about half of the monthly salary is destined to the payment of an apartment, with about 80 to 100 m2. There are currently rents on the order of 1,500 € and 1,700 € / month for an apartment within the city.
The prices per m2 average 10 to 11 € / m2 in the city of Porto, but in contrast to the locality of Gondomar or Gaia, the average rental figures are from 4 to 5 € / m2.
Rents grow a bit throughout the country and in the absence of savings and conditions to access a home purchase loan, lease remains.
However, there are many cases where families allocate and commit about 50% of their monthly income to the payment of household income, so it is our understanding that the lines of prudence in many cases have already been largely overcome, and in some cases even in negligence.





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