Newsletter - March 2019

THE VALUATION OF A FOOTBALL STADIUMSince some time has passed since the derby last week and the moods are more serene, we decided to do an article about assessing a football stadium, as an example we ...

12 Mar 2019

Newsletter - February 2019

JUSTIFICATION OF THE "YIELD" RATE IN THE REAL ESTATE VALUATIONThe so-called real estate yields correspond to yields, being one of the criteria normally used in determining the value of real estate thr ...

11 Fev 2019

Newsletter - January 2019

During the year 2018, we evaluated a total of real estate assets in the amount of 3 billion euros, and the business volume grew about 16% compared to 2017, and the valuations department was the one wh ...

14 Jan 2019

Newsletter - November 2018

Effort of the families in the rental of house in Lisbon and Porto shootsThe burden of providing or renting a house should not exceed 30%, or a maximum of one third of the gross disposable income.It is ...

9 Nov 2018

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