To value means to estimate or calculate how much money an asset, whether tangible or intangible, is worth. Throughout time, the process of valuation has been essential for the correct functioning of economies and societies, in order to assess the value/price of assets that make up the wealth of companies, entities and individuals. Because we are aware that a certain asset has an important impact on a company’s or family’s business, STRUCTURE VALUE carries out its activity in the field of valuation, based on the best international standards and practices.

Different situations may require the performance of a valuation, and we are prepared to respond to your needs, covering all kinds of valuations:

  • - Purchase, sale or lease
  • - SNC (Portuguese Accounting Standardisation System) and IAS accounting
  • - Mergers, splits and acquisitions
  • - Mortgage credit and real guarantees
  • - Credit recovery and payment in kind
  • - Litigation and divisions of inheritances or separations
  • - Promotion/investment projects
  • - Planning and negotiations
  • - Collateral guarantee of credit or loans
  • - Compliance with standards (Portuguese Securities Market Commission, Portuguese Insurance Institute and Bank of Portugal)
  • - Capital for insurance
  • - Asset risk management
  • - Auctions and tenders
  • - Geological resources (mines and quarries)
  • - Operating assets (hotels/tourist properties)
  • - Expropriations and calculation of indemnities
  • - Judicial, administrative or tax purposes
  • - Insolvencies, restructuring and liquidations