Expert Opinion

The use of expertise, inspection and diagnosis is undoubtedly essential not only to identify the different pathologies existing in the building, but also to assess the causes that may be the source of these problems.

This service is performed by the technicians of this department, who have experience, skills and when necessary have equipment that allow to diagnose the various types of pathologies, anomalies or deficiencies of the property. The areas of intervention are diverse, include: civil construction, thermal, acoustics, specialties and infrastructures. Our expert reports describe in an unbiased and objective manner the problems detected. Presented probable causes for the pathologies and when requested we developed technical specifications for the resolution of these same problems.

The works developed in this department, fall on several types of real estate:

  • - Housing (residences and apartment complexes), shops and offices
  • - Residential / services /commercial buildings / parking lots and garages
  • - Flooring, roofs, terraces and waterproofing systems
  • - Building facades
  • - Warehouses and industrial facilities